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afety and protection of the environment (HSE) are a priority at Premier. Our commitment to equipment maintenance, training and safe operating procedures is a critical part of our business.
Premier provides our drivers PEC orientation and OSHA compliance training for community awareness and the skills drivers need to be safe on the roads and on well locations. Our drivers attend weekly safety briefings and daily tailgate meetings during (morning and night) shift change. Our DOT compliance procedures are set to track driver certification to ensure employees are up to date on their DQ training schedules and files.
Premier routinely replaces older equipment with new. Premier's own maintenance personnel work around the clock to make sure that our vehicles meet our own rigid standards as well as being compliant with Community, County, State and Federal DOT, Tx Dot guidelines.
Premier takes our fluid handling responsibilities seriously as it pertains to our environment around us. To ensure that drilling and production materials are safely transported to proper disposal sites, our employees receive ongoing training. We perform frequent equipment checks, and supervisor oversight is mandatory on a 24/7 basis.

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